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Learning never exhausts the mind

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Permit me to introduce myself here.., LOL, like I’d really need your permission to do that. But thanks anyway, you’re welcome to my blog. My Name is Emoefe Bridget, A humble Disc Jockey (DJ), an introvert with a unique personality and knack for professionalism. Popularly known by my Stage name as ‘DJ MATRIX…’ A Nigerian Disc Jockey, who hails from the ‘Big Heart’ of the Nation. Delta State to be precise. I am a lot of things to lots of people.. To some I am a Lover, a Blogger, a Promoter, an entrepreneur. What am I to you..? To me, I am just a triple ‘P’. A Prolific, Passionate and Professional Disc Jockey who is passionately in Love with Music.. Read more


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